Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
of sale or purchase of vehicles

Purchasers Declaration

I/We agree to deposit, as determined by the order form, forthwith and to pay the balance as soon as the goods have been completed for delivery and notification thereof been given to me/us by post/email at the given address or by the given telephone number, and I/we certify that I am/we are 18 years of age or over.

In the case of purchasing a used vehicle I/We certify that before signing any document my/our attention has been drawn to the age of the vehicle (as shown) and the fact that any defects may be present on that account. In addition I/We understand that this is a term of the contract that I/We should examine the vehicle before signing an order form to satisfy myself/ourselves as to the quality and that I/We carried out such an examination. In particular my/our attention has been drawn to the following items: tyres body & paintwork, glass, interior, trim & upholstery, and the general condition with respect to its age.

Our Warranties

The Warranty supplied with our used vehicles are provided by a third party. This means that you can get your car repaired at any VAT registered garage across the UK. Our warranty is usually for 3 months and may be extended. You should contact our service provider to extend or renew your warranty. We will give you a policy booklet and full contact details when you collect your vehicle from us. You will also receive details in the post from our warranty supplier.

You may also upgrade the warranty offered with your car purchase. Please speak to your sales representative about the details and fees for the level of upgrade that you require.